Spokane Arena, Upcoming Concerts and Events in Spokane Washington

Purchasing Tickets

Tickets for Spokane Arena events can be purchased online 24/7 at TicketsWest.com.

View our Calendar Of Events for a list of all events currently on sale.

To ensure you receive the best possible service, receive your tickets promptly and to ensure you are not purchasing counterfeit or stolen tickets, we urge all of our ticket purchasers to make their purchase through TicketsWest.com.

TicketsWest is the ONLY authorized ticket provider for all Spokane Arena events.

No other provider has been authorized by Spokane Arena to sell, re-sell or auction tickets. The Spokane Arena is unable to guarantee the validity of third-party ticket purchases.

Box Office (Closed until further notice due to COVID)

The Spokane Arena Box Office is located at 720 West Mallon Avenue.

All ticket purchases are subject to a per-ticket fee. This will apply to all tickets sold for events held at the Spokane Arena, First Interstate Center for the Arts, and Spokane Convention Center.

Orders processed online at TicketsWest.com may be subject to additional fees.