Spokane Arena, Upcoming Concerts and Events in Spokane Washington

Production Equipment

  • 2,300 portable Clarin chairs available for main floor set-ups.
  • Two forklifts, one 10,000 lb. with side shift capabilities and one 6,000 lb.
  • A Harry Donovan-designed full rigging grid and safety line system is installed above the whole Arena floor.
  • Convenient elevator access to the catwalk.
  • One-Half House curtain divides arena bowl for various "theater quad" configurations.
  • StageRight staging system with wheelchair lift.

Production Equipment

  • 144 - 4' x 8' StageRight Decks.
  • 40 - ME 500 StageRight Understructure, 48" - 78" adjustable length.
  • EZ-lift stairs, 48" - 78" adjustable length.
  • 24' x 24' mix platform.

Electrical Equipment

  • There are two end stage electrical rooms located at the west (load in) end of event level. Each room has 4-400 AMP 3 ph and one 200 AMP 3 ph service panels. Each room has an additional 400 AMP 3 ph service panel on an isolated transformer. All panels are 200% neutral. There are four sets of posi-lok to cam-lock adapters, no reversals.
  • Five 60 AMP 3 ph service panels in the service yard for shore power.
  • Six 200 AMP 3 ph service panels with lugs for bare wire tie-in distributed around event level.
  • 50 AMP single phase receptacles distributed around the event and concourse levels.
  • Three 200 AMP, 3 phase portable power distribution systems.
  • On the catwalk level, there are two 60 AMP 3 ph service panels with lugs for bare wire tie-in located at center, north, and south. There are forty-two 20 AMP, 3 phase twist lock receptacles distributed across the catwalks.

Lighting Equipment

  • Metal halide lighting covering the Arena floor and upper seating area.
  • Ten Lycian 2K long throw spotlights (Model 1290).
  • 24 Source 4's mounted in catwalk system. IPS digital dimmer strips.
  • 10 MAC Vipers.
  • 8 Clay Paky Sharpys.
  • Compulite Vector Red lighting console.

Computer & Data

The Spokane PFD operates a closed wireless network. No outside access points are allowed without prior written approval. Please contact Matt Meyer at [email protected] for more information.

Equipment Rental Rates


Concert stage with mix position $1,000.00


Crowd control $500.00

Video Wall

With Video Front End (VFE) & equipment set-up fee $5,000.00
per event
Video Equipment
$35.00 per hour
$22.00 per hour
Video Monitor
with VCR
$50.00 per day


Lycian Long Throw Follow Spots (ten available) $100.00 per day

Sound System

House system No charge
End stage system $250.00 per day
Stage monitor system with mix console $500.00 per day


8' x 30' $5.00 each
6' x 30' $5.00 each
Table Skirting $5.00 each


Meeting rooms $.50 each
Flat rentals
(Includes labor to set and strike)
$.50 each


10,000 lb $150.00 per day
6,000 lb $100.00 per day

Telephone / Fax / Internet

Fax Line (installation) $75.00
Phone (User pays
for any long distance)
$75.00 install/phone
High Speed Internet $150.00 per line
ISDN Line $160.00 per line

Electrical Services

End stage electrical service
(Includes shore power, does not include personnel to install and remove)

Cleaning Services

A higher fee for events requiring dirt will be applied $1,750.00/performance
A higher fee for events utilizing confetti will be applied $1,750.00/event
Please Note: Rates are subject to change. Please check rates 30 days prior to your event via telephone.